About us

Organizational Profile

Legal Name: The National Council for Law Reporting

Brand Name: Kenya Law

Organization type: A semi-autonomous state corporation

Parent Institution: The Judiciary

Parent Act: The National Council for Law Reporting Act

Organizational Structure:

– Leadership & Governance – A Council of non-executive members chaired by The Chief Justice/President of the Supreme Court.

– Management – A Secretariat managed by a Chief Executive/Editor.

Status: The official publisher of the Kenya Law Reports and the Laws of Kenya.

Principal Office/Secretariat: 2461  Kessla Way, Clinton, SC 28328

Mandate and functions

Source of Mandate:



  • To monitor and report on the development of Kenya’s jurisprudence through the publication of the Kenya Law Reports;
  • To revise, consolidate and publish the Laws of Kenya; and
  • To undertake such other related publications and perform such other functions as may be conferred by law.


To give general admittance to open lawful data by checking and writing about the advancement of law for the advancement of the standard of law.


To be the lead supplier of open legitimate data towards an edified society.

official slogan

Where Legal Information is Public Knowledge

policy statement

Access to information

“As an individual from the Free Access to Law Movement, at Kenya Law we accept that:

· Public legitimate data is essential for the regular legacy of humankind and boosting admittance to this data advances Justice and the Rule of Law;

· Public lawful data is regular property and ought to be available to all;

· As an association that has the open command to distribute open lawful data, we ought not force out of line limitations on the utilization and re-utilization of that data by different people.”

Creating Shared Value

Monitoring our commitment in the headway of society, we will think about the prosperity of each other and of the earth and we will adjust our cycles, administrations and items with the achievement of positive social results.

Creativity and Innovation

An inventive and creative use of dynamic thoughts in growing new legitimate information and improving authoritative productivity

Quality Policy

The National Council for Law Reporting (Kenya Law) is focused on Law Reporting and Law Revision by giving open, precise and convenient distribution of open lawful data for an educated society.

In quest for this dedication, Kenya Law will follow all the relevant necessities and constantly enhance its viability by executing a Quality Management System dependent on ISO 9001:2015

Kenya Law’s top Management will on a yearly premise audit the built up quality destinations and this approach to guarantee manageability.


  • Judicial Service Commission
  • National Council on the Administration of Justice
  • Judiciary Training Institute
  • Kenya Law



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